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DESIGNERS NAME(S): Anabella Smith, Daniella Smith, Jennifer Benjamin-Castineira, Tim Lokash, Ana Benatuil,
Gabriel Rodriguez, Tania Pinacho, Mitzy Montas, Janet Duharte

SPONSOR CO. NAME(S): Steelcase (Coalesse, Designtex)

SPONSOR CONTACT: Julia Melhauser

TITLE OF PIECE: Reflections


As the year comes to an end we find ourselves reviewing the year that has soon passed:
what did we accomplish, what did we do right and we should we resolve to do differently next time. We look
forward to family, friends and time to enjoy what we didn’t have time to get to. As we reflect, we look at ourselves,
our jobs and the world we live in; we see things clearly, we are positive for what’s next and we want to become
better. All of the candles we will light, lights that will sparkle and sparklers that will sizzle at this years end, we
celebrate. All backgrounds, near, dear and far we reflect on what was and what will be – and our promise: to be
better, to be the best we can be and help make the world a better place for years to come.