Life Turning

By December 15, 2014Uncategorized

DESIGN FIRM NAME(S): Antrobus + Ramirez

DESIGNERS NAME(S): Alison Antrobus, Ruby Ramirez, Jonathan Martinez, Edylaine Morales, Mariel Guzman and Francine Rozental           

SPONSOR CO. NAME(S): Design Within Reach

SPONSOR CONTACT:            

TITLE OF PIECE: Life Turning


A Zoetrope is one of the original forms of animation. It creates the illusion of motion by a simple turn of the cylinder without the use of any modern day technology.

Through the use of exposed gears and simple Japanese bow tie construction of our base we wanted to go back to a time where things existed more simply and technology has yet to over run our lives. We wanted to explore and understand how things are put together and the cause and effect of a simple turn of the gear.

The intended ‘steam punk’ feel is reminiscent of the industrial age which brought the promise of a new world of which we are currently thriving in but at times consumes us too much. The enjoyment of the simpler things in life at times is forgotten. We hope that through ‘Life Turning’ it will remind viewers to move at their own speed.