As Within, So Without

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DESIGN FIRM NAME(S): G Alvarez Studio

DESIGNERS NAME(S): G Alvarez Studio           

SPONSOR CO. NAME(S): Shaw Commercial Carpet

SPONSOR CONTACT: Chip Walter – 305-763-9085


TITLE OF PIECE: As Within, So Without


In our world, color is a universal language, understood by everyone, but perceived differently. Color is a spectrum of infinite ideas, meanings, and feelings. In the Middle East the color blue symbolizes protection; in Greece it is symbolic of the ocean that surrounds the peninsula. The tree is our expression of global unification. Each prism is angled at different levels, allowing a broad range of views. All prisms spiral toward one cohesive point to form one unified object that is transparent and also refracts light in a limitless range of colors. We wanted this tree to be an interpretation on how we see things globally, connected together in the same way the world is.